Must visit places in Florida!

First things first: WALT DISNEY WORLD.

It’s no surprise that Walt Disney World is a must do for me. I have been about 8 times and still planning more trips. There is so much land and 6 parks plus a shopping district known as Disney Springs.

Second: Versailles Bakery/ Restaurant in Miami

If you are spending time in Orlando and have a day or two to make the the 4 hour drive to Miami, you should! We did this trip in one day which wasn’t enough but Versailles famous Bakery/Restaurant was high on our list of what to do in Miami. It was nothing but pure Cuban delicious food and the coffee was just right, sweetened with condensed milk.

Third: Versace Mansion in Miami

After leaving Versailles our immediate next stop was the Versace Mansion which is currently a hotel The Villa Casa Casuarina. You can visit it to at 1116 Ocean Dr Miami Beach, FL 33139. Unfortunately, you cannot enter the mansion unless you are eating at the restaurant with a reservation or you are a guest at the hotel BUT you can still take photos outside.

Fourth: Gatorland in Orlando

My sister and I were definitely hesitant in visiting but our parents insisted. Since it was a family vacation we tagged along. We purchased our tickets online to skip the line and save some money. Overall it was a fun experience, very interesting to say the least. Make sure to wear some sunscreen and a hat because it’s hot and basically all swamp.


A beautiful view of Miami Beach is literally a short walk across the street from Versace’s Mansion. So after taking photos at the famous location, walk over and dip your toes in the beautiful ocean.

Sixth: Hulk Hogan’s Beach Shop

Okay, so I grew up watching WWE and being entertained by the greats of NWO such as Hulk Hogan. This has been on my to do list for a long time and I finally got to go!! It’s a short drive from Universal Studios, Orlando. You can find anything from memorabilia and merchandise that is an obvious must buy!

You can view more photos of our trip to Orlando, Miami, and more on my Instagram @beyondcyn. Thanks for reading!

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