Getting the most out of your Disneyland Annual Pass

In last week’s youtube Single Rider Vlog I understood the importance of a single rider day. It was therapeutic and actually quite fun. I didn’t feel lonely, anxious, or sad. Instead, I felt happy, excited, and free. I decided to go to the parks simply because I missed it and thought I am paying for this annual pass I might as well use it. So, I got up early Sunday morning and headed out to Disneyland. There wasn’t any traffic on the freeway and I got to Disneyland at opening!

I was kind of nervous at first to wait in bag check, and through main gate alone but once I was in I just felt nothing but pure joy. I was back in my favorite place and I had nothing but time. I got several fast passes and got on more than five rides before the parks got really packed.

Benefits of going to Disneyland Resort on your own

  1. Single Rider Lines – Many attractions offer Single Rider lines, even the more popular ones such as Incredicoaster and more. Just make sure to ask cast members if you have any questions.
  2. Freedom- You can make your own schedule and your on plans. You can set your own time frame and do what you truly love.
  3. Time – Since you are setting your own pace and schedule. You get to decide what time gets allocated to what. You are the one in charge !
  4. Alone time is beneficial to find yourself in your own thoughts, and simply discover yourself. You can escape to a new world and what better place to do so than at the Happiest Place on earth.

“Fantasy and reality often overlap.” – Walt Disney

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