Captain Marvel Opening Weekend at El Capitan

El Capitan is in the heart of Hollywood and there is no better place to watch a Disney movie. It is owner by Disney and right next door is the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop and Disney Studio Store. The newest movie to fly into El Capitan is CAPTAIN MARVEL. Captain Marvel has been highly anticipated and now the #1 movie world wide! You can now watch the movie beginning March 8th through March 24th. Do not miss the chance to watch this iconic movie at an equally iconic theatre!

The most magical thing about watching a movie at El Capitan is the fact that there is always more to the experience than simply watching a movie. You truly get immersed into the world of whatever movie you’re watching. For example: in the lobby prior to getting your seats you can view the displayed costumes that Brie Larson aka Captain Marvel wore whole filming the movie. You also have an opportunity to take a photo in a phone booth very similar to the one Veers was in during the movie!

Theatre address

6838 Hollywood Blvd,  Hollywood,  CA,  90028

Parking: Hollywood & Highland Parking Structure – Validated parking is $2.00 for the first four hours. Bring your parking ticket to the theatre for validation.

Tickets are on sale for Captain Marvel and you do not want to miss this experience! If you purchase a VIP ticket you receive a 20 oz soda of your choosing and limited edition popcorn bucket.

Guests watching Captain Marvel will also receive an exclusive patch to El Capitan while supplies last. I can’t wait for the next movie I’ll be watching there which will be Tim Burton’s DUMBO. I can’t say anything bad about the movie Captain Marvel, it was everything a Marvel movie should be and more! The amount of women empowerment was through the roof! It was funny, action packed, and the message that you can’t spell HERO without HER was real. HIGHER, FURTHER, FASTER.


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