The Tropical Hideaway at Disneyland

Everyone loves pineapple whips but now Disneyland has brought a new quick service food spot for us to enjoy with a tropical twist on a pineapple whip. Welcome Tropical Hideaway that makes you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation with fun treats.

Tropical Hideaway is located right next to the exit of the Tiki Room and the Jungle Cruise. You can find yummy Bao’s and whips and various snacks such as chips and sodas.

The ambiance is nice and there are plenty of seats for you to relax and have some great snacks. I wouldn’t consider a bao and a whip a meal but definitely a nice snack to hold you over till you’re next meal. AP discount is not offered but CM discount is. So keep that in mind. Also there are a couple different sauces that are an additional cost of $.59 cents they are not included with the Bao’s.

New additions include a loaded pineapple orange swirl whip which includes crystallized hibiscus and exotic fruit, pineapple raspberry swirl and a pineapple orange swirl. Pictured above is the pineapple raspberry swirl. It was really good and the raspberry is a nice addition.

I also tried the bulgogi beef bao which was pretty good. I mixed it with the red spicy sauce. It brought out some more flavors in the Bao. Make sure to stop by at Tropical Hideaway soon!

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