Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff

Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff is finally open! It opened this past weekend on July 21st, 2018. A lot of fans have been anticipating the opening of this sweet store and it is finally here! Let me tell you guys, they did not disappoint! The amount of details in the store is just what you’d expect from Disney. You’ll leave crying candy tears of joy! The costumes that the Cast members are wearing are the regular Pixar pier costume plus a Bing Bong inspired apron and hat. I absolutely loved the effort.

They also include some of the yummy candy that you can also find at Knick Knacks. My favorite are the Disgust sour rainbow belts! The falls are filled with Inside Out merchandise such as these t shirts. But there are also other walls that are filled of course with Pixar clothes such as Coco, Monsters Inc and Brave. One of the biggest highlights of Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff would be the Memory Refreshers and the delicious baked goods such as candy apples and cake pops! The memory refresher pictured above is the Rainbow Unicorn! It was a multicolored slushee topped with tons of nerds candy. Very sweet, consider sharing it ! a there were tons of new treats to choose from but we ended up trying The Disgust cake pop which is flavored watermelon and the Joy cake pop that was flavored lemon. I’d have to admit I didn’t enjoy mine but it was more for the experience and I saved the disgust image which I believe is made out of white chocolate. The details is definitely something you’d have to pay attention to throughout this store, because it is unbelievable. The carpet is purple with candy filled throughout the floor. The store is bright and fun! When you enter you have these awesome core memory inspired lamps. There is even a drawing of Bing Bong by Riley from Inside Out. This store is special and easily one of my favorites at Pixar Pier!

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