What to pack: Disneyland Essentials.

As a frequent park goer or even if it’s your first time it is important to be prepared with all your park essentials to ensure you’re going to have a great day!

I always bring a small backpack, crossbody purse, or sometimes a fanny pack depending on my outfit. I try to keep everything small and light so I don’t have to carry a lot.

In my bag I usually carry :


A portable charger


Camera / Instax camera


Makeup wipes


Autograph Book




Mickey Ears/ Hat

It’s really important to pack a small bag and have everything you need for a day full of fun. I will be showcasing some of the items I carry in my bag or bring with me to the park and also provide where I purchased them from.

First up: Bags! These are some of my bags I have taken to Disneyland without complaint.

Typo Mickey Crossbody. I like taking this crossbody with me when I want to travel light and I don’t want much load on me. Usually for a short day at the parks and I’ll just take a small wallet and lightweight accessories with me. Danielle Nicole Dress Crossbody. This purse is available at ShopDisney, Disney Parks, and Boxlunch. I love this when I want to channel Cinderella, maybe do a little cosplay or just wear Cinderella attire. It’s light weight and holds a lot!

Epcot 35 Figment Backpack. This is one of my favorites mainly because I love Figment but it also fits a lot and isn’t overbearing in weight.

Mickey Ears, Cameras, and Hair Accessories.

I never leave the house without any Mickey ears. It’s a great way to accessorize and show off your Disney style. Pink is one of my favorite colors if you haven’t noticed so I definitely like to show it off. Millennial Ears are available at both Walt Disney world and Disneyland Resort throughout various shops! The Instax Camera was purchased off Amazon. The scrunchie and Instax transparent case were purchased at Urban Outfitters! Don’t be afraid to show off your own style at the parks wear whatever is comfortable for you!

Wallet, Portable Charger, USB cord

Don’t forget your wallet guys. Sometimes if I’m carrying a lot in my purse/backpack I move all necessary cards/ cash from my everyday wallet to a small one. My wallet is a Marc Jacobs wallet purchased from Nordstrom. I highly recommend them, they last forever! Also pictured is my portable charger it’s a mophie that I borrow from my sister. You can buy them on amazon, Best Buy, and Target. I also take my regular phone charger.

Disney Fun!

I love meeting characters so when I know I’m going to meet someone new I like to take my autograph book with me. I also try to remember to bring a pen too, if you ever forget a character host will always have one with them, just ask nicely to borrow one. Alyssa and I have also started pin trading more so bring some pins to trade! There are tons of locations to trade and cast members to trade with as well.


Sometimes it gets hot, your makeup runs, gets smudged, you have to touch up so I like to take some makeup wipes. I am a fan of the Neutrogena ones but there are tons of alternatives. I also take a small mirror, lipstick, chapstick, and a small makeup bag to carry everything in. The mirror is from Shanghai Disney and I bought in Orlando at the character warehouse. My lipstick is “Miss Argentina” by Kat Von D and I got it at Sephora. The makeup bag is Juicy Couture and I bought it from Tj Maxx.

Sunnies, Sani, and arm candy.

Last but not least it’s good to take a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun. Have fun with them, it’s another way to express yourself! These glasses are from American Eagle Outfitters. I also never go to the park without sanitizer. You can get 5 of the for $6 at Bath and Body works. It’s good to have so you can fight germs. I also wear either a necklace or a bracelet. This one is from Pixar Fest and I bought the charms separately. You can find them at both Disneyland and California adventure!

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked it. Make sure to follow me on Instagram at Beyondcyn and to follow me here on my blog! Comment below what else you’d like to read!

Cynthia 💕

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