Pixar Pier Opening Day

June 23, 2018 Pixar Pier has finally arrived at Disney’s California Adventure(DCA). Luckily DCA has helped many people get ready for the arrival of Pixar Pier with Pixar Fest. My sister and I were so excited to be able to join in on opening day of Pixar Pier. Pixar Pier is a reimagined land formally known as Paradise Pier. All I can say is that Pixar Pier is worth the wait and there is even more to come later in the summer. Later this summer, Bing Bongs Sweet Stuff is going to join the other themed restaurants, rides, and games along the pier. There are so many photo opportunities available at Pixar Pier so make sure to look out for your favorites. Some of my favorite locations would include the billboards featuring Pixar’s Coco, Up, Finding Dory, and Wall-E. There has also been enhancements to a fan favorite formally known as California Screamin. Now the Incredibles have taken over a part of the pier and is now Incredicoaster! Incredicoaster is still as thrilling as California Screamin but is now filled with our favorite Incredible family ! Whole dash gets us started on this rollercoaster we run into jack jack, Elastigirl, Violet, Mr. Incredible and of course Edna Mode. I highly recommend you visit Incredibles Park and grab a fast pass for Incredicoaster. The wait is going to be very long you can expect to be up to or more than 90 minutes throughout the day after opening. Pixar Pal A Round was formally known as Mickeys Fun Wheel. This is the other reimagined ride it features Pixar characters on each of the gondolas. Other than the reimagined rides there are also the reimagined boardwalk games! The coolest part about the games are the prizes in my opinion. The prices vary and they take card if you don’t have any cash. Food is also a big part of the pier, so make sure to enjoy and taste some treats. Some Pixar themed food restaurants include Señor Buzz Churros, Poultry Palace, Jack Jacks Cookie Num Nums, Angry Dogs, and Adorable Snowman frosted treats. Pixar Pier also welcomes a new float to Paint the Night that includes the Incredibles! The float includes Mr and Mrs. Incredible, Frozone, Dash running around the float , Jack Jack, and Violet.

I was so blown away by how detailed and amazing Pixar Pier was but in reality I shouldn’t have been because Disney and Pixar never disappoints. I can’t wait to go back and visit! Hopefully by the time summer ends we will have Bing Bings Sweet Stuff to visit too! Comment below if you’ve been already or planning to!

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