Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Disney’s Pop Century Resort is a themed hotel based on the 50’s-90’s. Pop Century has been going through a refurbishment that has made the rooms more roomy and very trendy. This hotel has Disney and non Disney fads featured from each decade on display. In the 50’s building you can find Lady and the Tramp Statues since the movie premiered in that decade in 1955.

We stayed in the 50’s which is very close to the transportation, lobby, and cafe. We were also lucky to stay in building 3 which just finished their remodel so we were able to stay in a new room near the pool. They are currently working on the last building of the 50’s so they are just about done renovating the whole Resort. Here are some more views seen at our building. As you see the Resort has perfected the theming here at the 50’s building and has done the same for every other decade as well. Here are some photos of the hotel room. There Is one queen bed as shown and the table shown above is also a pull out queen bed if needed. As you can see they have done a great job at conserving space and portraying minimalism. They also have the reusable shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. The idea of conserving is very big at the Walt Disney World Resort and eventually all hotels will follow Pop Century’s lead. I highly recommend staying at Pop Century it is a great value resort and fun for the whole family.

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