Wall Photos at Walt Disney World.

Currently in Walt Disney World having a great time! We have been taking so many photos and I just wanted to share some of the photo spots for you that are pretty popular, accessible, and ready for you to post to the gram.

First stop : Animal Kingdom – Harambe Market. These are just two options there are plenty of cute wall photos to take pictures in front of in Harambe. Animal Kingdom – Pandora Moss Wall Contemporary Hotel – Fantasia Market

This is neon Mickey fun. Magic Kingdom – The Purple Wall

The first photo is the new addition to the purple wall, they added some geometric lines.

The second photo is the original purple wall. Still perfect for a photo op.

Epcot – Bubblegum Wall.

Literally my favorite wall in the Walt Disney World Resort. I love the colors. I definitely recommend taking photos in the both sections of the pink wall.

Next time you’re visiting check these walls out and be creative and make some new photos out there. Feel free to comment and share your favorites !

Warm Hugs,


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