Disney x Target

As if Target could get any better, they just upped their game by 100%. Target just started to roll out a Mickey collection into stores as of yesterday May 10, 2018. Various departments of Target have added some Disney magic to it. Prices vary but are affordable and there’s something for everyone. In the cosmetics aisle in the L’Oréal section you can find eyeliner, lipsticks, and mascara with mickeys on it. In the home department there are pool floats, cups, plates, mugs, barbecue condiment holders, and tablecloths. There are also tissue boxes, bedding, pillows, dog toys, dog beds, and dog clothes. In the women’s, men’s clothing department you can find another collaboration with the brand Junkfood. Junkfood has made a Mickey Collection that includes: patches, sunglasses, pin sets, earrings, buttons, and apparel. You can also find nail polish kits, cosmetic bags, pencil cases, jewelry, Mickey headbands, pencil bags, lip balm, stationary, charms, bandanas, and Bobby pins.

Make sure to check out your local Target to find all these Disney goodies. This is the first week of the rollout of merchandise and it’s going to go quickly. Be patient with your Target employees as they try to locate your items and stock their shelves. Right now only the bedding and some of the room decor such as the lights are online but hopefully soon the rest will be available as well. Keep in mind that the Mickey collection is located in different areas spending on each Target location so feel free to ask a team member where things might be, but you will definitely find some in the women’s, men’s, kids, home, and outdoor area.

Happy Shopping!


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