Coachella 2018 Weekend 2

Another Coachella music festival down! I’m a big fan of attending Coachella, weekend 2 specifically. Personally, I think Weekend 2 of the festival is more fun, the festival is able to work out kinks that occurred weekend 1, and now it’s just a tradition to go for the second weekend. This was my fourth year attending Coachella and it was a lot of fun but I have to say that this might be my last year.

Like always, the lineup is always impressive. Some of my favorite performances included: The Weeknd, Kygo( really awesome, great energy), Haim, Post Malone (even though he was sick, he was a very solid performer), Chromeo, Migos, Miguel, Cardi B (SHE IS GOALS, pregnant and killing the game), Beyoncé ( she really made it BEYCHELLA), and finally Eminem closed out the festival, with a little help from Dr. Dre and 50 cent. All of the performances I listed above were amazing to see live!

My best friend and I had a great time! If you want to Coachella, be ready to spend some cash! One piece of advice to give you is to purchase tickets early, and get on the EZ pay plan. A payment plan to pay off your ticket monthly. You should also get your hotel/ Airbnb very early as well. As soon as you get your ticket get your place to stay as well. Places surrounding Indio sell out very very quickly. I can’t stress that enough. Plan ahead y’all!

Prep your festival attire early, I would suggest leaving your homes either Thursday night or Friday morning to enjoy the most of your weekend. Stay hydrated, especially if you are planning to get to festival grounds as early as 11:30am when they open. If you are driving to the grounds from your hotel make sure to leave with plenty of time. It was really unorganized this year. We we’re driving around for a long time just to find out which lots were open to park. We then had to wait in lines to get out of the lot later that evening. For the amount of line waiting and the crowds it should really be called LINEchella, CROWDchella. If it wasn’t for my best friend I probably would’ve been feeling a lot more down and not had a great time.

Leaving Beyoncé’s set on Saturday night was almost impossible. We were all walking like zombies, and being herded like cattle. I genuinely lost the feel good vibe and instantly lost the music high. It’s sad to say but maybe this is the end of my Coachella era. Next stop, Stagecoach 2019. I hear they allow less people into their festival and make it more about the music. I’m hyped!! But by all means, maybe next years Coachella will fix all of this years mistakes and make it great. I definitely encourage everyone go at least once to say you did and see what it’s all about.

If you want to see more Coachella photos and see videos, visit my Instagram : Beyondcyn. There is also a highlight.

Warm Hugs,


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