Halo Top Scoop Shop Grand Opening at Westfield Century City Mall!


Hey everyone, it’s Alyssa again! Today was the grand opening for Halo Top Creamery’s SECOND Scoop Shop!! The new location in Westfield Century City Mall just had it’s grand opening today and they gave out FREE ICE CREAM!!! You read it, FREE ice cream. Everything in the scoop shop was free and you could get WHATEVER you wanted!! (OPENING DAY ONLY)

I’ve always been a HUGE Halo Top pint fan and I think it was such a smart idea to create a Halo Top shop at malls! There’s now two locations: one in Westfield Topanga Canyon Mall and the second one in Westfield Century City. An employee also gave us a little secret and told us they’re going to have a total of EIGHT more locations in the Los Angeles area by October!! YAY MORE ICE CREAM!!!

If you don’t know what Halo Top is, or have never tried it, they have a variety of different flavors in pint sizes available in your local grocery stores!! If you’re looking for low calorie, low carb, low sugar, guilt free, these pints of ice cream will rock your WORLD!! The POPULAR healthy ice cream, yummy. Now that there’s Halo Top Scoop Shops, you can get your ice cream already scooped or soft served in cups or insane cones!!


Halo Top Scoop Shop is located right next to California Pizza Kitchen at Westfield Century City Mall. The golden doors and the melted ice cream on the roof really catches your eye!!

When you walk in you get to see what different flavors they offer in scoop sizes! They have: Vanilla Bean (70 calories per scoop), Sea Salt Caramel (80 calories per scoop), Cookie Dough (90 calories per scoop), Mint Chip (80 calories per scoop), Blueberry Crumble (90 calories per scoop), Caramel Macchiato (70 calories per scoop), Red Velvet (90 calories per scoop), and TWO Non-Dairy scoop flavors: Non-Dairy Cookie Dough (90 calories per scoop), and lastly Non-Dairy Chocolate (70 calories per scoop).IMG_9345

Here is the menu! You can pick from single double or triple scoops or the NEW soft serve options! There’s cups as the base (sundaes), or cake, sugar, waffle, or puffle cones to put your dessert it! They make the cones right in front of your face and IT. IS. AWESOME. There’s also the option of putting your ice cream in a sandwich or TACO. And of course you have to make your ice cream pretty with some TOPPINGS!IMG_9346

It’s so hard to choose but I decided to stay away from the beautiful cones. I chose a Double Scoop “Sundae”. There’s a ton of toppings to choose from too!! It was so difficult.IMG_9347IMG_9348IMG_9349IMG_9351IMG_9352


Also look how adorable the floor is. Ugh, classic Halo Top words.IMG_9355

I did spoon it.IMG_9356

Anyway, I decided to get two scoops, both were the AMAZINGLY, OUTSTANDING, PERFECT Cookie Dough. MY favorite Halo Top ice cream pint is Cookie Dough so I HAD to get it scooped, mmmmm it was delicious. I topped it off and got some strawberries and raspberries! You gotta add that fruit in there YO.IMG_9357IMG_9354

However, my mother got two scoops of the delicious Mint Chip with some blueberries, and strawberries. TALK ABOUT YUM!!


Wow, look at these perfect ice cream sundaes, right in front of our face. UGH, I WANT IT AGAIN.IMG_9360

And last but not least, don’t forget, THIS IS A GUILT FREE ZONE!!! GET ALL THE HALO TOP YOU WANT.IMG_9353

I highly recommend visiting the Halo Top Scoop Shops!!! Either at Westfield Topanga Canyon Mall or Westfield Century City Mall. 12/10 would recommend. So glad I live so close to Century City, I get to eat Halo Top all the time 😉

If Halo Top Scoop Shops aren’t near you, buy some pints at your grocery stores or online!! You won’t regret it.

Halo Top Scoop Shop FULL Menu  https://www.halotopscoopshop.com

Buy here – https://www.halotop.com

Talk to you real soon,


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