SmartSweets Candy Review! #KickSugar


Hey everyone, it’s Alyssa! I’m today’s guest for this blog post and we’re going to be talking about….

The amazing SMARTSWEETS!!!

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I’ll be reviewing two amazing, unique, delicious, gummy bears. Fruity & Sour!!

IF you’re looking for low calorie, low carb, low sugar, low EVERYTHING, these amazing gummy bears will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Kick sugar, Keep candy! We know that regular candies are very high in calories and sugar, but SmartSweets are a new product that’s meant for people to not eat as much sugar and keep eating candy!!! They are both ninety calories per bag, ISN’T THAT AMAZING?!? Only THREE grams of sugar, THREE!!!! While compared to other companies, two sour patch of sugar = the whole bag of SmartSweets.

Everyone wants their sugar fix when they’re eating healthier or dieting, and this is the candy for you. I’m a huge gummy bear fan, especially SOUR gummy bears, finding this company changed my life. Before changing to a healthy lifestyle, I wondered if there were healthy gummy bears out there. Somehow, I found SmartSweets and I’ve been happier ever since!! Such a blessing to have found SmartSweets. GUILT FREE and LOW SUGAR, what more could you want??kicksugar.jpg

  1. Fruity SmartSweets (Fuchsia bag)

I really love sour gummy bears more than fruity, but these were just as YUMMY as the sour ones!! Tastes exactly like regular gummy bears but HEALTHIER and less SUGARY. I rate this a 10/10, while my mother rates it a 12/10.

  1. Sour SmartSweets (Green bag)

Let me tell you, I am OBSESSED with sour gummy bears. I had a hard time giving up sour candies when I changed to a healthy lifestyle. But then, I found these AMAZING Sour SmartSweets. They really are SOUR, and get rid of your other unhealthy cravings. I could eat a couple bags in a day, that’s how delicious they are. I rate this a 12/10.

gummybearnutritionals2.jpgThere you have it! Two amazing bags of gummy bears by SmartSweets!! I eat them all the time, I am too obsessed. Huge thank you to SmartSweets for sending me fruity and sour SmartSweets. This product changed my life F O R E V E R. I highly recommend these gummy bears!!! 12/10 would recommend.

SmartSweets are located throughout the United States in SELECT Whole Foods! If you can’t find them in your local Whole Foods, then you can always order online!!

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