Merchandise at Pixar Fest

On April 11th, 2018, my sister and I took a drive to Disneyland. We wanted to take a look at the Pixar Fest merchandise before Friday’s opening day on 4/13/18. I was personally hoping to find more Coco and Inside Out merchandise but sadly there wasn’t a whole lot.

Here are some of the signs that are seen at the entrances. And there are also some sweet banners in the esplanade. I really loved seeing Pixar splatter across the esplanade. We were mainly there to check out the merchandise! In the previous blog post I wrote about what I was most excited so it was nice to see what they had to offer! Believe it or not a lot of merchandise was fairly empty, clearly it was being shopped.


Pixar Fest hat & Puzzle

There were the cutest friendship charm bracelets that we had to buy! We bought the silver charm bracelets. You get two bracelets for $15-20. There are also charms for sale $10 for the pair of charms. We were able to see some Greta merchandise and were really excited to go back on Friday to see everything else Pixar Fest will have to offer us!

Warm Hugs,


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