Oh My Disney x Little Mermaid

Ready for some fun in the sun with Ariel and friends? Well you’re in luck! Oh My Disney has partnered up with the Disney Store to release yet another line including The Little Mermaid. It’s pool party fun! Look at this stuff! Isn’t it neat?

If Ariel is one of your favorites head over to the Disney store or ShopDisney.com to purchase. There is something for everyone, especially adults. What’s great about Oh My Disney it’s target is teens and adults. Oh my Disney released their own version of the Disneyland’s resort Spirit Jersey but instead of Disneyland on it, it’s labeled Mermaid! The Mermaid Jersey is priced at $49.95. They also released a flounder cup with a twisty straw priced at $14.95 and a cooler cup labeled “Prince Eric Appreciation Club” priced at $14.95.

There is also a set of four drink sleeves perfect for the beach or sitting at the pool! They have a cute label on each of them. Definitely Instagram worthy for only $9.95.

A lot of Ariel fans will love these fin inspired leggings ! They’re priced at $32.95. They’re perfect for the parks, hanging out, or you can make it a new casual look. They also released a “Don’t be a Guppy” tank top that could easily match with the Mermaid leggings. The tank top is priced at $24.95.

There is also a lot more to see online that wasn’t available at my local Disney store. Like pool floats and Bluetooth speakers! Be sure to check it out on shopDisney.com! Enjoy splashing around this summer!!

Warm Hugs,


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