Ready for some Pixar Fun!

As you know I am a huge Disney fan. A big part of Disney is the powerhouse, Disney’s Pixar which has produced many films and short films. Many of these films are a staple in most families homes and apart of their everyday lives. These films include Toy Story, Inside Out, Monsters Inc, The Incredibles, Cars, Coco, Brave, and Ratatouille, just to name a few.

Do you love Pixar too? Get ready for Pixar Fest! Disney’s California Adventure is hosting a seasonal event beginning April 13th, 2018! I am so excited to see something like Pixar widely incorporated not only at DCA but at Disneyland as well. Along with Pixar Fest, Disneyland is bringing back Paint the Night, a fan favorite. Paint the Night is one of my favorite parades to come to the Disneyland Resort. Together Forever a Pixar nighttime spectacular fireworks show is also coming to the Disneyland Resort.

Not only am I pumped for Pixar Fest but I am really excited for the entertainment that’s coming our way, Paint the Night and Together Forever. Entertainment aside, the merchandise is going to so great. Pixar will be splattered across everything from t-shirts, cups, bags, pretty much anything you can think of. photo credit

There will also be Pixar themed food from Toy Story to Coco. We will even be getting popcorn buckets and drink holders that will be Monsters Inc themed. Also for Annual Pass-holders, the resort will also be releasing an Alien (Toy-Story) popcorn bucket. I have a feeling merchandise like the Monsters Inc bucket will go very very quickly. I will be there on April 13th opening day for the festivities, merchandise, and fun. I’m very excited!

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Warm Hugs,

Cynthia Briseno

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