Honey & Butter

Honey & Butter Macarons are so deliciously dangerous I am a little worried I will be back very soon! Luckily I’m not in the area very often but when I am I will definitely be stopping by! Honey & Butter is located in the Irvine Spectrum mall. Honey & Butter sells assorted macarons and I have heard about the detail in the character ones they have made in the past. I was walking over to Hot Topic when I passed by Honey & Butter. There was no line and naturally I was compelled to walk in and order something sweet. Upon entering I saw Disney tsum tsums hung up on the wall and near the counter. Honey & Butter is officially going to known as Macaron heaven!

I was a little overwhelmed at the beautiful display of macarons and naturally I went looking for the Disney themed one. I saw one and it was a cute Baymax one from the movie Big Hero 6. I asked the employee what flavor it was and she told me it was Milk & Honey. I agreed to purchase it, the macarons like the Baymax ones cost $4 and it was reasonably priced and so delicious! It was worth every penny. The macaron was soft and chewy, it was really delicious and a little on the sweet side. Although sweet, nothing my coffee didn’t fix.

I also noticed that Honey & Butter also sells ice cream and drinks along with their macaron “creatures.” As I previously said I will definitely be back and recommend everyone try it once. The energy was nice and the employees were friendly. Here is a picture of the menu and some other photos of what I saw throughout the shop. The hours of operation are 12-7pm.

633 Spectrum Center Drive

Warm hugs,


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