Studio Scoop

In the mood for some ice cream with a twist? Visit the new spot for something sweet at Universal Studios Hollywood. Formally, Ben and Jerry’s on the lower lot next to Starbucks is the new ice cream spot, Studio Scoop! It’s brand new to the lot and even though it was spring break there was no line and I was able to browse the menu and get my shake super quickly!

Prices are reasonable and there are awesome ice cream concoctions to choose from! There are cones, cups, milkshakes, and various drink options to choose from. I was torn between which milkshake to choose from but I ended up with the shake named Chocolate x6. If the name isn’t clear enough, it is a chocolate shake with at least six layers of chocolate on it. It was full of chocolate flavors with a hint of vanilla. There was even chocolate whipped cream. It was delicious but very sweet. I definitely needed water after having the shake, I couldn’t finish the whole thing but it was quite yummy.

I would highly recommend everyone trying a shake or ice cream from Studio Scoop especially on a hot day! It’s a satisfying treat that surely the whole family could enjoy! Let me know if anyone has tried it and what you thought in the comments!

Warm Hugs,


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