AHS: Murder House

On Tuesday, 4/3/18, we were on our way up Pico Blvd and decided to take an impromptu trip to American Horror Story’s “Murder House”. On FX’s Season One of American Horror Story: Murder House there is an eerie mansion that is the main event of the show. The House is haunted by ghosts that reside in the home. This House (mansion) is located in Los Angeles, California near neighboring Downtown La, and Mid City.

This mansion was built in Country Club Park in 1908 by an architect named Alfred Rosenheim. The mansion is currently off the market. And unlike the show where the House has an eerie appearance with black open gates this home is now shown with green grass and a gate surrounding the property. There are also several ADT security signs posted around the lawn to protect the homeowners privacy and home. Unfortunately, since the premiere of Murder House there has been unwanted break ins and fans trying to walk over the lawn to take photos in front of the popular home.

However, fans are still allowed to visit this private property it is important to remember that this is someone’s home and to respect their privacy and property. You can admire the home from the sidewalk and take photos but obviously can’t get past the gates. In Los Angeles there is much to see and you should definitely take advantage of this! I hope you enjoyed reading!

Warm Hugs,

Cynthia Briseno

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