Old Town San Diego ☀️

On Sunday morning my family and I loaded up the car and started our road trip to sunny San Diego. San Diego, home of the Padres, La Jolla, Old Town San Diego, Little Italy, and more. We started our trip around 7:15am and arrived in San Diego near Old Town at 9:00am. We grabbed breakfast and stopped at Starbucks for some much needed coffee. I also had to purchase a “You Are Here” mug. I collect them and finally got a San Diego one.

After Starbucks we went to Old Town San Diego which is filled with culture and lots of history. I love this Town. It’s beautiful and it is the heart of San Diego. It is known as the birthplace of California and it was the location of California’s first settlement. In Old Town you can experience life of early Mexican- American period. You can eat Mexican food, observe art, and view history.

Here are some of the artwork and sculptures available for purchase. Everything here is either made in Mexico or in San Diego. It is authentic art. Prices are reasonable, starting at $5 to $100 dollars depending on the size of the art.

After walking around Old Town and viewing some of the shops. My family and I decided to take a trolley tour. The trolley tour we took was a 25 mile tour with ten stops along beautiful San Diego. While on the trolley the tour guides give us some information on the places we are passing by and the places we are going to. You are able to hop on and hop off at all locations at your convenience. You can spend as much time as you want at each spot. These locations each hold a unique history and have tons to see. There are shops, restaurants and great places to walk around. After the last spot, Little Italy you make your way back to Old Town San Diego. Once we arrived back in Old Town we decided to get lunch at a famous restaurant: Cafe Coyote. Cafe Coyote had women making fresh tortillas for purchase. Naturally we ordered some. They were fresh and paired with butter.

Pictured Below are two of the meals we ordered: Carne Asada and Carne Asada and Shrimp.

Sadly, the hype wasn’t real with this particular restaurant. I enjoyed the chips and salsa, the fresh tortillas, and the margaritas but the food wasn’t up to par. I’m glad we tried it because I value experiences but will probably not return. I will however will be back for the fresh tortillas that you can purchase from the women on the side of the restaurant.

I highly recommend if you plan on using the trolley service to arrive to Old Town early. The trolley service begins at 9am and the last pick up is at 5pm from Little Italy. The trolley service is $40 per person and a souvenir map is $5 but you get a free map so you don’t need to spend the extra $5. I also will say that this is pretty much an all day event so come prepared, bring snacks, arrive early and of course have fun!!

Also doesn’t this remind you of Disney Pixar’s Coco?

Warm Hugs,


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