Roasting Water

I am frequently in Orange County, mainly because of the Disneyland Resort. When I’m not at the parks I’m usually at the Brea Mall, some local places in Garden Grove, Anaheim, or Santa Ana. After enjoying some time at DCA’s Food & Wine Festival I was heading home with my sister to catch the Oscars. We decided to stop at a local spot in Garden Grove which we had both heard about but never tried. We went to a beverage spot named Roasting Water. It’s similar to Mini Monster in the sense that they provide you with the coolest cup. It’s a reusable bottle that you can keep, basically a souvenir.

Upon entering the store there was a bit of a line and it was out the door. I figured it would be busy because it was a Sunday afternoon and the place is rather small. We waited about 5 minutes to order and maybe about another 8-10 for our drinks. A lot of people in front of us were ordering 2-4 drinks so the wait was understandable. While waiting for our drinks we were able to check out the beautifully painted walls and the cool decor. The walls were filled with circle shelves with mugs and various cute character cups. You are able to purchase some of the mugs/cups on display but only the ones that say so.

My sister got a strawberry lemonade with chunks of strawberry and chia seeds inside. I ordered a royal mango green tea which has chunks of mango inside. The prices were affordable and our drinks were roughly $5 dollars each. Each month or so Roasted Water has a theme of bottles they are giving out. We were just in time for the second wave of dog bottles!

We had to take a photo opportunity. We were satisfied with our drink choices and love the bottle, too bad we got the same one. I personally, can’t wait to go back! Maybe we will even try another location. There are six Roasting Water locations and there are two alone in Garden Grove.

This is the menu over at Roasting Water so you can see some of the prices before you go. I definitely recommend everyone try it!

Location: 12035 Garden Grove, Garden Grove, CA 92843.

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