Where the Magic lives.

Planning on staying on Disney property while visiting Disneyland/ California Adventure ? Well you should! I recently stayed at the Disneyland Hotel which is located right at the very end of Downtown Disney nearest the ESPN zone. The Disneyland Hotel is rich in Disney history and nods to classic Disneyland history everywhere you turn.

There are three towers available to stay in when you check into the Disneyland hotel. There is Frontier Tower, Fantasyland Tower, and Adventure Tower. Frontier Tower is located towards the back of the hotel. Fantasyland Tower is located in the front of the hotel closest to the lobby and Goofy’s Kitchen. Adventureland Tower is located closest to Downtown Disney and is also nearest a popular night time bar, Trader Sams.

This past trip my sister and I stayed at a room located in Adventureland Tower. In the past when I stayed in the Adventure Tower I was disappointed because I had T-Mobile and for some reason I never got any reception in this tower. Luckily, this time around I had Verizon and it was much better! The room was facing Downtown Disney and it was an amazing view! The room was big enough for a family of four people even though it was only my sister and I.

In the fridge, there were two 1 liter bottles of Dasani for our enjoyment which I thought was great! The detail of the room was just as you would imagine, full of magic! The bathroom was filled with a Disney lamp shade, Disney toiletries, and even Walt Disney appeared throughout the hotel room on stationary.

My favorite part of the room was not only the view we had but the Disney bedding decor. A pillow that read “A Dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep”. Not only is that a quote from my favorite Princess Cinderella, but it’s perfect for when you’re ready to get to bed after a long day at Disney.

A nice advantage of staying at one of the Disney Hotels on property such as the Disneyland Hotel, Paradise Pier Hotel, and the Grand Californian Hotel is Extra Magic Hours. Extra Magic Hours is a great perk only offered to hotel guests. As a registered hotel guest you have an option to attend extra magic hours and enjoy one full hour of one of the parks before non hotel guests can enter. The extra magic hour usually occurs one hour before park opening which is great because as a guest you can race over to your favorite ride with a little less of a crowd.

I was able to get this almost empty shot of the castle during Extra Magic Hours. If rides aren’t your incentive during this full extra hours maybe photo opportunities will be!! Whatever it is you should definitely take advantage of it.

Another great thing to do while staying at The Disneyland Hotel is visit Trader Sam’s. The best way to describe Trader Sam’s is basically the Tiki Room but for adults 21 and over. It is a bar which serves non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. If you’re going to drink alcohol you must be 21 years old or else the bartender will not serve you. They serve tropical fun drinks that are definitely instagram worthy! If you feel too crowded you are allowed to drink outside on the patio or take your drink up to your room. Pictured above is a Pina Colada. Have fun, drink responsibly. And enjoy your stay at the Disneyland Hotel! I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

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