Disney Home

Downtown Disney District has been undergoing some significant changes lately. New stores have been popping open and older ones have been closing down. There is even another hotel on the way to Downtown Disney soon. D Street, The Vault, House of Blues have closed. New to Downtown Disney include Splitsville, The Dress Shop, and Disney Home are new. I recently visited Disney Home and it was amazing.

It was aesthetically pleasing and it had mostly everything you would normally find in the home area of World Of Disney. Each section of the store was decorated differently and each section had a different theme. There was even a section dedicated to dogs! In the dog section there were bowls, leashes, collars, Mickey/Minnie Ears and dog toys. It’s the perfect place to get your Disney fix for your loved pets.

The attention to detail is always something that Disney takes pride in. Everything was well placed and even the store had magic all around it. Disney Home is definitely the store to visit while World Of Disney is going through construction. There isn’t a need to go into World Of Disney when you have a whole store dedicated to home goods. Inside Disney Home you will find cups, mugs, measuring spoons, utensils, glasses, tea cups, and more. Themed Beauty and the Beast Merchandise was lined up next to the cash-wrap.

There was also a section dedicated to the new 2018 Passport Collection. Personally, this is one of my favorite new lines that Disney has come out with. It was hard to not buy one of everything for my home. The temptation was real and hard to deny. Discounts are welcome: annual pass and cast member discounts.

I also fell in love with the Haunted Mansion section which included Nightmare Before Christmas Merchandise.

There is ton to look at and you can imagine your dream home or add to it with any of these magical items. So walk into Disney Home and be amazed with all of the home items for you to take home! Disney Home is located at the old D-Street location next to the Wonderground gallery.

There is also a nice display of snow globes. It was very cute. If you love snow globes check out this cute display.

Hope you visit soon!

Warm Hugs,


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I love your blog! Even though i don’t visit Disneyland very offten still i love it . everytime i look at you and your sisters videos it feels awesome to know someone else loves Disney more than i do keep going with the positivity and the videos. You guys are doing so great !!! 😃❤💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your support!
      We appreciate it


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