Coors Brewery Tour

Over winter break I went to visit my best friend in Denver, Colorado. I was prepared for the cold weather and snow on the pavement but what I wasn’t aware of was that Coors was the face of Golden, Colorado. My friend told me that there was a Coors Brewery Tour just fifteen miles away from her home and she had never been so we decided we had to go.

I am a sucker for tours and history so it was an immediate yes and to top it off the tour is free! Yes, the tour is free and at the end of it you get three free samples of beer of your choice. The samples are quite large so if you’re not used to beer and you want to indulge in the free beer you should have a snack or meal so you’re not light headed. You must also be of age, which is 21 years and older so make sure you take your valid ID with you and you will get a wristband upon entering the tour. However you can be underage to visit the brewery you just cannot participate in the samples. Backpacks, purses, etc are not permitted on the grounds so just take a small wallet with you if needed. You visit the city of Golden and immediately feel like you’ve entered the Wild West, it’s fabulous. We were able to walk the streets of Golden and it was very quaint and although there wasn’t a lot to see or do other than the brewery it was a very beautiful city. To visit the Coors Brewery you park at one of their visitors lots and take a free bus over to the brewery. The bus ride is no more than 7 minutes but on a busy day(weekends) you may wait in line outside for the bus so please dress accordingly.

Pictured below is the entrance to Historic Downtown Golden.

The tour is approximately 30 minutes and it’s a self guided head phone tour. You can go at your own pace and get to see the malting, brewing and packaging process. For a free tour you really get immersed in the whole process of making beer from beginning to end which is really fascinating. For you beer drinkers you might even learn a little more than you already know. For example, I sampled Blue Moon which I had already tried but I didn’t know that Coors made it. I thought it was it’s own brand. I thought that was pretty neat. If you’re in Denver it’s a must do because when else will you get a free educational tour with sides of beer.

Pictured above are some photos I took in Golden and inside of the brewery. At the end of the tour there is also a gift shop where you’re able to find Coors products on sweatshirts, T-shirt’s, pop sockets, and more. So drink up and enjoy the city of Golden y’all.

Miller Coors is located at :

1401 East St Golden, CO 80401

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Best Wishes,


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