Feeling like a monster?


“Eat dessert, be a monster” is a quote that is lit up against a brick wall in the chic location of Mini Monster.  The newest Mini Monster is located at Universal City Walk in Hollywood, California. Today, January 6th my sister and I visited this location after a quick trip to Universal Studios. We went in around noon and there wasn’t that big of a queue at that time. We searched the menu for perfect drink to quench our thirst. We previously tried the Sunset Strawberry Lemonade which was SO delicious! It was definitely a tasty, colorful drink. Today we had the Sunrise Passion Fruit Tea. It was also very tasty but it was very sweet and there are seeds left behind from the passion fruit.


Pictured above are some of your choices in jars/cups for your drink. I purchased the second one with the flower crown, 32 ounce reusable had and mini monster lid. Menus are displayed at the cash wrap and this one is displayed in the line queue.


Pictured above is the Sunrise Passion Fruit Tea. It’s a gorgeous yellow with sliced orange and lime slices floating around with boba at the bottom. I paired the Sunrise Passion Fruit Tea with a flower crown and a classic reusable etched 32 ounce jar and a mini monster lid. My total was about $8.40. If you do purchase the reusable jar you can bring your jar back to use again and purchase refills, by doing this Mini Monster promotes sustainability. I highly suggest if you’ve never been to Mini Monster, you must! The taste and presentation of your drink will have you coming back for more mini monster fun. I definitely intend to go back and try another delicious drink. Make sure to stop by Mini Monster soon!


Warm hugs,


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