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Hey everyone, it’s Alyssa! I’m today’s guest for this blog post and we’re going to be talking about my favorite abandoned places in Walt Disney World. If you don’t already know, I’m an annual passholder to Disneyland Resort, but try to visit Walt Disney World as much as I can! These abandoned locations are still at Walt Disney World today! It’s so amazing to know that when you visit Walt Disney World, there’s still iconic abandoned places that are still standing behind walls.

  1. Disney’s River Country

Image result for river country(Photo Credit: Disney Parks)

Once, I found out about River Country, I became OBSESSED. River Country was the very first water park at Walt Disney World. It opened on June 30, 1976 and closed on November 2, 2001. Four years later, Disney announced that River Country will be closed permanently. River Country was just left to be deteriorated instead of demolished. River Country had two pools, and five water slides. Thankfully, Disney created a new water park, Typhoon Lagoon (opened in 1989) and Blizzard Beach (opened in 1995).

Disney’s River Country is located near Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground, next to Bay Lake, near Magic Kingdom. A couple years back, many people visited the resort to check up on River Country’s deteriorating state, but recently, Disney put up a ton of fences to keep guests from looking in on River Country. The slides are still intact, but are slowly disappearing.

Disney covered the pool with sand where the Slippery Slide Falls is because of the Zika outbreak. When taking the boat from Fort Wilderness to Magic Kingdom, you can clearly see River Country. You can mainly see Barrel Bridge, and a bit of Slippery Slide Falls.

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 9.30.29 PM.png

There are different rumors as to why River Country closed. It was either because of the brain eating amoeba that killed a young boy, or the lack of people that visited River Country; Disney wasn’t making enough money to keep River Country open. We miss you everyday River Country.Image result for river country 2017

(Photo Credit: Unknown)

  1. Disney’s Discovery Island

Image result for discovery island

(Photo Credit: The Plaid Zebra)

Discovery Island is an island on Bay Lake. Opened on April 8, 1974 and closed on April 8, 1999. It was an attraction where guests could view animals. Basically, it was a mini Animal Kingdom before Animal Kingdom. Discovery Island was also left to deteriorate just like River Country. If you haven’t noticed, Discovery Island is a land in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Disney did this to pay homage to the island. Image result for animal kingdom discovery island

(Photo Credit: WDW Theme Parks)

(Photo Credit: Shane Perez)

Discovery Island is seen from Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground, and is fairly close to Disney’s River Country. You could also see it while taking boat trips. Discovery Island closed because of the opening of Disney’s Animal Kingdom in 1998!

  1. ImageWorks in the Imagination Pavilion

Image result for disney imageworks 1980

(Photo Credit: Epcot Legacy)

ImageWorks was an interactive playground/exhibit area in the Imagination Pavilion, also known as “the creative playground of the future”. The original Imageworks was on the second floor of the pavilion where the glass pyramids are. ImageWorks opened on October 1, 1982 and closed in 1998 for renovation in the pavilion.

In 1999, after refurbishment of the ride, ImageWorks went downstairs after you unload from the attraction. It was now called ImageWorks The What-If? Labs.

In June 2016 the original ImageWorks area reopened as a Disney Vacation Club lounge. Many people believe all the old ImageWorks equipment are still intact. Unfortunately, it’s walled off from anyone in the Disney Club Vacation Lounge to see.Image result for dvc lounge epcot

(Photo Credit: WDW Info)Image result for dvc lounge epcot

(Photo Credit: Disney Parks)

Image result for dvc lounge epcot

(Photo Credit: Laughing Place)

Where you see the exit sign, that door right there is where they walled the old ImageWorks up. That’s the doorway to the original ImageWorks…

(If you’re a DVC member who’s willing to take my sister and I up there on our next Walt Disney World Trip, let us know!! We thank you in advance).

Now here’s what was featured in the original ImageWorks:

  • Dreamfinder’s School of Drama
  • Pin Screens
  • Stepping Tones
  • Figment’s Coloring Book
  • Rainbow Corridor
  • Electronic Philharmonic
  • Kaleidoscopes
  • Vibrating Mirrors
  • Voice Activated Lumia
  • Bubble ProjectorsImage result for disney imageworks 1980(Photo Credit: Epcot Legacy)Image result for disney imageworks 1980(Photo Credit: Epcot Legacy)Image result for disney imageworks 1980(Photo Credit: Modern Mouse Radio)Image result for disney imageworks 1980(Photo Credit: I’m A Grown Up Disney Kid Tumblr)Related image(Photo Credit: WNYC)[​IMG]

(Photo Credit: WDWMagic)

I really wish I could see what the original ImageWorks looked like today…

  1. Wonders of Life

Image result for wonders of life pavilion

(Photo Credit: Theme Park Tourist)

Wonders of Life Pavilion was devoted to health, body, and fitness. It had Body Wars, Cranium Command, Making of Me, and more attractions! The pavilion is a gold dome located between Mission: Space and the Universe of Energy.

Image result for wonders of life pavilion

(Photo Credit: WDWLive)

Wonders of Life pavilion opened on October 19, 1989, and closed on January 1, 2007. Since then, the pavilion is used for the festival center (Food & Wine and Flower & Garden) and other special events. Some of the original attractions are removed but some are still standing on this very day… We’re going to talk more about the attractions inside. Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 9.55.56 PM.png

  1. Body Wars

Image result for wonders of life pavilion

(Photo Credit: Yesterland)

Body Wars was a motion simulator ride in  the Wonders of Life pavilion. During the ride, guests were “shrunk” and were on a mission inside a human body. carried out a mission inside a human body. Bodh Wars opened on October 19, 1989, and closed on January 1, 2007.Image result for body wars

(Photo Credit: Yesterland)

All four simulators have been removed but the queue is very much still intact. The queue is still intact, empty simulator rooms still are intact but are blocked off from the original entrance.

  1. Cranium CommandImage result for cranium command

(Photo Credit: MouseTroop/Laughing Place)

Cranium Command was a show in the Wonders of Life pavilion. The show was a comedic take on about the human brain. Cranium Command opened on October 19, 1989, and closed on January 1, 2007. The whole show room and audio animatronics are still intact just as if it never closed. Lights still shine on Buzzy. Weird right? If someone just flipped one switch the whole show could just come on. Image result for cranium command abandoned

(Photo Credit: Matt Sonswa)

Image result for cranium command abandoned(Photo Credit: Matt Sonswa)

Well that’s all for today’s blog post. I’m so glad I got to share this with all of you and I hope you enjoy all the abandoned Walt Disney World attractions that still stand today!! I’m so intrigued by all of these places, they’re my favorite abandoned Walt Disney World ones! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you real soon! Be sure to follow my social media.

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